Chime Sog Thig Teachings

His Holiness Dungse Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche

July 2013, Yeshe Nyingpo, New York City

This presentation of the Chime Sog Thig teachings was given by His Holiness Shenphen Dawa Rinpche on Losar 2013 at Yeshe Nyingpo, New York City. These teachings are being made available in two parts.

Part One

Chime Sog Thig Teachings – Part 1 PDF

Before the teachings begin, develop the correct bodhicitta (compassion) or altruistic mind which is the motivation to benefit all our parent sentient beings who have been very kind to us. For these gracious parent sentient beings, we listen to the teachings of Chime Sog Thig, the essence of deathlessness, which Terton Zil Non Namkhai Dorje revealed. Then we
practice these long life teachings in order to liberate our parent sentient
beings, wherever they may be.

Part Two

Chime Sog Thig Teachings Part 2

The sadhana begins with the Lineage Prayer which awakens the minds of all the lineage gurus. Dudjom Lingpa, His Holiness and other teachings I have received emphasize doing the lineage prayer multiple times. While Zil Non Namkhai Dorje is the master who revealed this practice, he nevertheless also depended on the lineage buddhas for his realization. Normally, we recite it once, but if you want the blessings of this ter, read and invoke the master’s mind as many times as you can. You might say this is the guru yoga of guru yoga.


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