Opportunity for individual retreats

Due to the parinirvana of Kabjey Dungse Shenphen Dawa Norbu Rinpoche, all summer programs have been cancelled at Orgyen Cho Dzong. However, this is to inform you that in Rinpoche’s honor that Orgyen Cho Dzong is open for individual retreats.

The retreat is important to all those who had a connection to Rinpoche, especially his students.

Because of all the miraculous phenomenons that self-manifested during the time of the parinirvana because of Rinpoche’s love and compassion so that our connection and devotion to the dharma can be strengthened, it is only right that we should now do individual retreats depending on what teachings and practices Rinpoche gave us in order to purify our obscurations and all negative actions we may have knowingly or unknowingly committed. This retreat is so that it awakens our clarity of awareness which is our original Buddha nature. This retreat is very important in order to strengthen your connection to Rinpoche in future lifetimes.

Being this is such a unique year, this is an opportunity that will not present itself again.

Wishing you much happiness.

Yours in the Dharma,
Namgyal Dawa Rinpoche

For further information please contact Andrea at Ocdsangha@gmail.com or 518-966-4077

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