Mechod (September 7th & 8th, 2019)

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HH Dudjom Yangsi Sangay Pema Shepa Rimpoche will be presiding over the mechod (holy cremation) on September 7th, 2019 and September 8, 2019 at our retreat center at Orgyen Cho Dzong. 


༄VENUE ~ Orgyen Cho Dzong (5345 State Route 81, Greenville, NY, 12083)༄SCHEDULE ~

Saturday, September 7th
10 AM – 12 PM: Start of the Dorsem Lama Chopa
12 PM – 2 PM: Lunch Break
2 PM – 4 PM: Puja will continue and conclude 

Sunday, September 8th 
9 AM: We will be putting Khando Semo Lhanzey-la’s kudung to the cremation stupa
10 AM: Dorsem Ginsek will commence 
2 PM: Everything will conclude and lunch will be served

Offerings for this puja (Khando Semo Lhanzey-la’s mechod) can be received through here (please specify the purpose of the offering).

For any further information, contact or call 518-966-4077.

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