Personal Message from Dungsey Namgay Dawa Rimpoche


I would like to thank Evelyn Chen once again as always for her generous offering of $40,000 towards our center projects for this year. Her continuous generosity has been a constant source of support, aiding in our centers so they may flourish.

And thanks to Sam Brooks as well for her Generous offering of $29,000 for our projects at OCD and YNP.

To our main members, silver card members,

To all who contribute for the Pujas,

And to all of you who come and put in your time and effort at our temples by repairing, renovating, doing electrical work, etc,

To all of you who support not just our centers but all centers so that the Dharma May Flourish,

My heartfelt gratitude. I’m sincerely thankful and humbled by the love and support.

I assure you that every single penny will go into the projects as intended.

We at Yeshe Nyingpo, in the heart of downtown NYC, own the brownstone landmarked building where the Temple is. The overhead costs of running it is very expensive, not to mention the renovations the building is undergoing, and so all help is appreciated.

The same is true for our Upstate Retreat Center as well.

So thank you from the depths of my heart for all your support.

Much love,

PS. There is a misconception that by offering monetary support for the Pujas, the Center makes money. On the contrary, we put in every single penny received (down to the last cent) and much more personally from the center for all Pujas we do. This is intentional as not to profit from any Puja money received.

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