Putri Repung Phurba Retreat Instructions

His Holiness Dungse Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche

July 2012 Orgyen Chö Dzong

Greenville, New York

In July 2012, Dungse Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche gave teachings and instructions on the Putri Repung, Vajrakilaya Terma of His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.  These teachings are being made available in two parts.

Part One

Putri Repung Retreat Instructions Part One (PDF)

 The following instructions were given to a small group of students engaging in a three-week closed retreat at Orgyen Chö Dzong, Greenville, New York. The aim was and is to provide students with all the information necessary for the setting up of the mandala/shrine, and for making all the appropriate preparations for entering, maintaining and concluding the retreat according to the Nyingmapa tradition in general and the Dudjom Lineage in particular.

Part Two

Putri Repung Retreat Instructions Part Two (PDF)

To begin here, Rinpoche was asked about the relationship between Vajrakilaya and the dharmapalas and if he could explain a bit more about the protector’s role generally…


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