Rinpoche’s Long Life Ceremony July 16, 2018

Rinpoche’s Long Life Ceremony July 16, 2018



In order to benefit Dungse Shenphen Norbu Dawa Rinpoche’s Long Life and all sentient beings, an elaborate Long Life Ceremony or Tenshug will be offered on July 16, 2018, Chokur Duchen Day at OCD. We have offered the Tenshug for several years, but this year will be a comprehensive Ceremony. It is a great opportunity to extend the life of our teacher, and benefit all parent sentient beings, our dharma centers, and our merit on the path.

As some of you may remember, the elaborate Tenshug requires each special offering to be newly purchased and as high a quality as possible. High quality signifies the perfection of the teacher and his teachings. No imperfections in the offerings mean no obscurations to his life.

You can donate to the Long Life Fund with Paypal or a check. If you wish to contribute with Paypal, please use the Long Life Fund button (NOT OCD) under Contributions at tersar.org (http://www.tersar.org/long-life-fund/). If you wish to pay with a check, make the check out to Long Life, and mail it to: Gretchen Groth, 2525 Grape St, Denver CO 80207.


Offerings for the Ten Shug include a unique item for Body, Speech, Mind, Qualities and Activities and the mandala offering at the beginning. Other items such as medicines, foods, and fabric are also offered. Substantial financial offerings are given to Rinpoche and all family members. In addition, financial offerings are made to all attendees and to individuals who performed specific activities for the Tenshug,

The total cost will range between $20-30,000 which includes the costs of shipping items from Asia, tea and lunch for all attendees, and any additional supplies for the ceremony.

As Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche said about a Tenshug, “Even if you only give $2, you make the connection. You accumulate virtue and purify obscurations, which we need. When you give money or are helping, don’t just think about doing this for yourself, but instead do it for all sentient beings. If this is your motivation, whatever you give or whatever you do, a big one or a tiny one, then that is pure, real dharma. That way you are not wasting your human life.”


  1. Long Life Prayers at other monasteries The Long Life Fund commissions a variety of prayers and tsoks for Rinpoche’s Long Life from monasteries in India, Nepal, and/or Tibet each year. The cost ranges from $2000-$6000.
  2. Accumulation of Prayers for Rinpoche: Troma Confession, 14 Root Downfalls & 8 Root Downfalls Rinpoche has asked that students accumulate the Troma Confession, the 14 Root Downfalls and/or the 8 Root Downfalls rather than the Long Life prayer as we did earlier. Please do as many of these as you can, but you won’t be reporting your totals.
  3. Saving Lives Many of you have “saved lives of sentient beings” and donated the merit to Dungse Shenphen Dawa Rinpoche, either individually or through donations to OCD or Yeshe Nyingpo. It is important to do this throughout the year, not just during major multiplying dates.
  4. Keeping samaya While keeping one’s samaya commitments are very essential to the Lama’s life, it is equally important to recognize that breaking samaya shortens his life. Whatever one can do to repair broken samaya (whether known or unknown, intentional or unintentional) is beneficial, e.g. the 100 syllable Vajrasattva mantra.
  5. Sangha harmony Harmony in the sangha, and whatever one can do, or “let go” of, to increase harmony extends the Lama’s life, while dissension and ongoing conflicts reduce his life expectancy.


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