Summer Program 2017

Summer Program 2017
June 30
th – August 2nd


Orgyen Chö Dzong

Greenville, New York


Dungse Shenphen Dawa Norbu,  

Tulku Namgyal Rinpoche,
Lama Tenzin Samphel &
Lama Sonam Tobgay


Retreat on Ta Chag Kyung Sum
(Hayagriva – Three Deity Practice)

June 30th – July 17th

Retreat fee: $601

This will be a closed retreat based on the Hayagriva, Vajrapani and Garuda empowerment recently bestowed by Dungse Shenphen Dawa Norbu, during last Losar at Yeshe Nyingpo, New York. Rinpoche will be giving further instructions for the practice here. This three deity practice is an extremely wrathful form of Hayagriva aimed for degenerate times when both students and teachers find it difficult to establish and maintain proper samaya conduct due to outer and inner influences and distractions. The main purpose of this practice is thus to dissipate and subjugate all negativity––sickness, evil and demonic forces––in so doing heal and clear whatever obstructions exist for oneself and others.

Students are to arrive no later than June 30th so that they have time to prepare for the retreat which begins on July 3rd,  which is Guru Rinpoche Day. If people want to come earlier to help at the center then they are welcome to do so. This retreat is open to all who attended the wang in March 2017.


Dakini Tsok

July 19th

This tsok is open for anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.


Training and Preparation for Death and Dying

July 20th – July 23rd  

Fee: $275

These teachings were requested by the Lamas and will include aspects required for their continuing training. However, anyone can attend in order to receive the benefit of some essential instructions relating to this vital juncture in every being’s mind-stream.


Chokur Duchen

July 27th

The day’s practice is again open for anyone, and all are welcome.


Chime Sog Thig Retreat & Guidance Instructions

July 24th – July 30th

Fee: $275

Instructions will include further clarification and development of this important practice. During this time students will accumulate mantra based on Amitayus.


Guru Rinpoche Tsok

August 2nd

Everyone is welcome to attend this tsok.



If you would like to attend all or part of the program above, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reserve a space for you.

Accommodation at OCD

The daily charge for room & board is $55. For those who are staying for the entire month of July the rate is reduced to $50.

The deposit policy will also remain the same. A $100 deposit is required for each teaching/retreat you wish to attend and a 10% deposit of your anticipated room and board charges is also required. Priority for housing will be given to those people whose deposits have been received and whose membership is current.

Contribute to Tsok Feast Offerings

You are invited to make a contribution towards purchasing offerings for the tsok feasts. If you are unable to attend, this is a good way to participate in the merit of the practice. Attendees, of course, can also contribute. Please send your contribution as soon as possible so that it can be included in the offering on the day.

Click here to contribute to tsok feast offerings at OCD

Request Lamp Offerings

You are also welcome to request lamp offerings at Orgyen Chö Dzong. Lamps requested by you are offered on your behalf and dedicated according to your wishes.

Click here to request a lamp offering at OCD

If you have questions regarding lamp offerings, please contact OCD directly.

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